Moscow region, Istra, Village Borzyye, Building 1
Our Mission

To help our students learn how to live in an ever-changing world by supporting their desire to make it better. To achieve this, we strive to create an educational environment collaboratively and with care for each other, where learning and reaching your goals is interesting and staying true to yourself and your values is paramount.

About our school
Wunderpark International School is a private school located in the picturesque area along Novorizhskoe Highway, 23 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road.

Wunderpark International School is an innovative international school that offers two programmes: Russian and Cambridge.
From an early age, children at our school interact with different cultures. This makes it possible to learn about the world's diversity, helping them, in turn, better understand their own culture.

Two campuses:
School (Year 3-13) and Preschool Department, including Bilingual Children's Studio (3-5 years old), Year 1-2 (5-6 years old).
Two educational programmes:
Cambridge and Russian. Within the International Department, education is implemented through the internationally recognized programme: Cambridge International Education.
Cambridge International Education
Accredited by Cambridge International Education for both Primary (CPC) and Lower Secondary (CLS).
Highly qualified educators
Highly qualified educators from the UK, the USA and Russia who love, respect and value children. Wunderpark's educators are their students' friends and mentors.
An innovative educational environment:
Bright and spacious classrooms, fully equipped with the latest technology: FabLab, modern science labs, media center, library, multifunctional atrium, and recreational areas. Every square meter of Wunderpark considers the peculiarities of a child's perception and development.
Harmonious child development
To improve athletic ability, we provide a football field, a gym with a climbing wall, running track, exercise equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, ping-pong tables, a ski track and sports playgrounds for our younger students.
English lessons with native speakers will help immerse the student in a language environment
English lessons with native speakers will help remove the barrier to understanding the language

English lessons with native speakers will help learn spoken English quickly
Extracurricular activities
Ilya Tankredovich Golenopolsky
Anastasia Dmitrievna Godunova
Deputy Director for Development
Tatiana Valerievna Nevzorova
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Geoffrey Adamson
Head of International Preschool Department
Marina Dmitrievna Zamskaya
Deputy Director for Preschool Department
Jeremy Polychronopoulos
International Programme Teacher Year 5,6
Someday soon I will change the world
2021 — 2022 admissions are now open

School (Year 3-13)
Moscow region, Istra,
Village Borzyye, Building 1

Preschool Department
(Bilingual Children's Studio, Year 1-2)
Moscow region, Istra,
Village Borzyye, Nevskaya Street, Building 100A